Memorial Tree Gordon F. Moore Park

 Memorial Trees

Pride, Inc. does not handle the ordering of trees any longer. We suggest you directly call the City of Alton or Village of Godfrey to order a memorial tree.

Alton Parks and Recreation Dept.


Godfrey Parks and Recreation Dept.


Get Godfrey's Memorial Tree form here.



History and Information

Bob Minsker, a Pride founding father and lifetime member, created the idea 34 years ago. He was chairman of the program until his death in 1999. Bob planted a tree in his yard to celebrate the birth of his first grandchild. As each subsequent grandchild was born, he planted another tree to celebrate the event. It occurred to him that this concept could become a beautification project in his community. It was a logical step to bring the program to Pride.

Pride, Inc. has worked closely with the Alton and Godfrey Parks and Recreation Departments in administering the program. Although Pride no longer handles the paperwork, we continue to support the program through links and contact information to the local Park Departments. These departments arrange the purchase of the trees, determine the locations, plant and care for the trees as they mature.

Although the program is known as the Memorial Tree Program, trees are also planted to honor special events, such as wedding anniversaries or birthdays. Trees have also been planted to acknowledge graduations, baptisms, births, Mother's Day or Father's Day.


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