Home of the Month

We choose an Alton/Godfrey winner each month May thru October.

June 2024 Alton's Home of the Month

Our lovely June pick of the month belonging to the talented painter Jeannette Phillips

Pride, Inc. is proud to introduce you to our June Alton Home of the Month! 1252 W. 9th Street, owned by the talented painter, Jeannette Phillips, is a lovely home high on a hill. This home has been in the same family for many generations. We visited the beautiful front porch that had a cozy feel complete with a hammock. The backyard had a lovely fenced in garden with many native plants, trees and flowers. Lots of milkweed to attract butterflies. A very special place made with love and care. Thank you Jeannette for keeping Alton a lovely community.

June 2024 Godfrey's Home of the Month

This lovey Godfrey home belonging to Perry and Jeanne Hill is to be congratulated

Join us on this pictorial tour of the beautiful home of Perry and Jeanne Hill at 1701 Blu-Fountain Court. These long time Godfrey residents are the happy recipients of the Pride Inc. Godfrey Home of the Month for June! This traditional home with an “ALTON” brick sidewalk, white fencing and a secret fairy garden for the grandchildren, has been meticulously planned and cared for with love through the years. It truly is the FAMILY HOME with grandchildren enjoying the pool and games in the yard. Jeanne said the yard is at its peak performance in the springtime with lots of variety and blooms all over. Thank you for all of your hard work to help our community look beautiful!

May 2024: Alton's Home of the Month

A Blooming Oasis: The Huene's Beautiful Home

The Pride, Inc. Alton Home of the Month for May 2024 has been awarded to Greg & Kirsten Huene at 1520 Langdon Street. This 100 year old home sits on one of Alton’s historic brick streets nestled into a hillside. Tiers of decking with seating arrangements terrace down the hill to the most beautiful chicken coop I have ever seen. Thank you for keeping our community beautiful!

May 2024: Godfrey's Home of the Month

Congratulations to Jim and Judy Sievers - Just Lovely!

Congratulations to the Pride, Inc. Godfrey Home of the Month for May 2024.

Jim & Judy Sievers in D ’Adrian Gardens subdivision, enjoy planting new plants each year so there will be a variety of color for every season. Jim is not afraid to dig up a plant and move it to another location. Lots of variety and color galore. Cruise by this house every other month and you are sure to see something new. Thank you Jim & Judy for the love and care you put into your yard. Beautiful!!

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