What We Do

The Bucket Brigade originated in 1988 and was created by Dale Neudecker. Over the last 30 years, the Bucket Brigade has painter just over 1,400 houses. Read more

State House Circle, located at College and Central Avenues holds historic significance to Alton. To celebrate Pride, Incorporated’s 50th anniversary, as a beautification organization, we felt it a perfect beautification project that will further improve our neighborhoods. Read more

One or more local homeowers are awarded each month for taking extra pride in their property and creating some beauty for all of us to enjoy! Read more

The Annual Celebrity Roast takes place each November. All money goes toward Pride, Inc. beautification efforts in Godfrey’s Glazebrook Park. Read more

James Killion Beautification & Enhancement Committee (JK BEC) was formed by Mayor Brant Walker to address issues and concerns in James Killion Park. Read more

Forty years ago, community leaders and the labor unions gave our area a wonderful gift – Gordon Moore Park. However, stunning as it once was, recent years have found the beauty subdued by rundown and outdated facilities. Read more

Taking Pride in our communities, one flowerbed at a time… Read more

Some of the many projects directed by Pride, Inc… Read more

Cooperative efforts for community beautification… Read More

Picking up trash and taking names… Read more