Pride Eye Award

Every year Pride, Inc. extends over 7,000 “Dorothy Davidson Pride Eye Awards” to deserving citizens who make an effort to keep their business or personal property neat and well maintained.

In March 2006 we renamed the award the “Dorothy Davidson Pride Eye Award”, in memory of our later Lifetime Honorary board member. During the time Dorothy served on the Pride, Inc. board, she committed her time and resources to the Pride Eye program. She would recruit volunteers, scour local neighborhoods, and oversee the huge mailing year after year. She was the reason the Pride Eye Awards were such a huge success.

Home of the Month

Home of the Month is awarded to homes or businesses that have gone above and beyond in maintaining the appearance and beautification of their property. Every year Pride, Inc. extends this award to an Alton and Godfrey resident for the months of June through September.

October 2022 Winners

Congratulations to Alton recipient Jonnie Realms.

Congratulations to Godfrey recipients Kelly ad Matt Zimmermann at 5124 Clara Dr.

September 2022 Winners

Congratulations to Alton recipient Dana Sass at 1206 State St.

Congratulations to Godfrey recipients Donna and Clyde Wiseman at 4913 Eiffel Dr.

August 2022 Winners

Congratulations to Alton recipients Lori and Jessie Fassler at 3633 Berkeley Ave.

Congratulations to Godfrey recipients Tom and Cheryl Houck at 324 Neptune Ln.