Gordon Moore Park Restoration

Restoring Gordon Moore

Forty years ago, community leaders and the labor unions gave our area a wonderful gift – Gordon Moore Park. However, stunning as it once was, recent years have found the beauty subdued by rundown and outdated facilities.

Undoubtedly, nearly everyone has visited Gordon Moore Park to watch children play soccer, enjoy the gorgeous rose garden, fish, play a round of gold, and so much more. Gordon Moore Park offers numerous types of recreation but these visits reveal our park is in need of revitalization.

Over one million cars visit our park yearly. When someone visits they see a representation of our entire community. We must present ourselves better! Our park can be an economic engine for area businesses. A better park attracts more tournaments, translating into dinners at area restaurants and booked rooms in our hotels.

Much like forty years ago, a committee of various leaders in our community has formed to help make this happen. There is an overwhelming amount of potential to be had, as many have noticed. What started out as a small idea has grown into a unique opportunity that everyone can contribute to as well as benefit from. Initially a simple proposal to incorporate some minor improvements, it grew to a $1.7 million project, and now to today being a $2.2 million project. What is most exciting is that already $1.575 million has already been raised!

A renovation of this magnitude cannot be accomplished alone. Our goal is to raise $425,000 and start construction by 2017. Four decades ago, we were handed this jewel. Now it is our turn to step up and create the success our community deserves.

Goals for this restoration include:

  • New Entrance
  • New Concession Stand with shaded seating area
  • New Inclusive Playground with something for every child
  • Renovations to the Muenstermann Building
  • New Bathroom facilities
  • All improvements implement ADA access